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Cirlinca's software products provide the essential features to create rich media with HD music. With it, you can import music (high-definition or standart CD resolution), process it if desired (upsample, upmix, VST plug-ins) and export it to music DVD, Blu-ray discs or computer files.

High-resolution music download sites


Linn Records




European archive

(more here)

Benefits of remastering music


Get more from your music collection. Import music tracks from computer files or CD. If they are in stereo, convert them to surround 5.1 for an immersive experience. And/or upsample them to high-definition up to 24bit/192kHz for enhanced clarity and details. Export to DVD, Blu-ray or files.


When your music is not already in high-definition or surround (e.g. it is of CD quality), you will benefit to remaster it (i.e. process and/or convert) :

To encode the audio signal in a way that is more easily reproducible by electronics equipment with less distorsion and closer to the original analog signal with a technique called upsampling.

To supplement the stereo reproduction with surround channels to restore the sound stage to something closer to reality with a technique called upmixing. The front stereo channels can be left unchanged.


The result is a superior listening experience having more definition, clarity and presence, that has been qualified as "more fluid, less harsh and an all round better sound".



All features : audio remastering and music DVD / Blu-ray discs authoring

Remastering features (upsampling, upmixing, VST plug-ins)



2 product editions to choose from


HD-Audio Solo Ultra 

HD-Audio Remaster


Typical use cases


Cirlinca's products can be used with or without remastering, depending on your needs, to author high-definition surround media, as illustrated in the following typical cases :

  • Play high-definition or surround music on your audio system.
  • Listen in the car in high-resolution / surround or consolidate collections.
  • Extract more from CD collections with upsampling or conversion from stereo to 5.1.
  • Convert vinyl records collections to high-resolution music DVD or files.
  • Archive Music.

Features highlight

VST plug-ins support

Cirlinca's VST enabled applications act as a VST host capable of accepting most VST plug-ins (3) for processing on the fly. There is vast offer or commercial and freeware VST plug-ins, ranging from audio effects to spectrum analyzers.

Check Audiomastermind as an example.


Add navigation menus to DVD and Blu-ray discs. Menus bring a professional touch where you can personalize the musical experience with a top menu, album menus, custom pictures and texts, jacket thumbnails.

DVD-Video (1) authoring

Author music DVD at definition up to 24bit / 96 kHz. Add pictures to each track for slideshow effect (of the artists, liners, jacket, ...).

Blu-ray (2) authoring

Author music Blu-ray discs up to 25GB and Blu-Ray compatible AVCHD on standard DVD discs. Tracks resolution can be 24bits / 96kHz and 5.1, even in AVCHD. Add pictures to each track in high-definition up to 1080p. 

(1) : DVD-Video support through optional free third party plug-in.

(2) : Blu-ray support through optional free third party plug-in.

(3) VST is a trademark of Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH. VST Plug-in Technology by Steinberg.

A broad choice of export media for authoring


Author DVD-Video discs, Blu-ray discs or

export to computer files


If your interest is for stereo at 24bit/96kHz or 24bit/48kHz, then a standard DVD-Video disc is a sufficient media when played through a good quality player.


To author surround stereo at 24bits/192Khz or 5.1 tracks in full 24bit / 96kHz or if disc capacity is a major concern, consider choosing Blu-ray.


Export to audio files if your audio playback devices are PC or Mac or Multimedia disc based player. Most multimedia players can play DVD-Video ISO files with menus, which is a convenient way to structure big playlists without burning discs (and add visual interaction).


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HD-Audio Solo Ultra

HD-Audio Remaster

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