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Convert stereo to 5.1 surround  


You can easily convert your stereo tracks or mp3/iTunes tracks to 5.1 music for a great surround experience.


Import them directly from your iTunes or Windows Media Player playlists, or from computer files. Convert them to a choice of surround formats compatible with your players, such as mp4/aac, wma, flac, A/52 files or music DVD discs.

The steps to convert stereo audio tracks to 5.1 surround


Depending on your audio equipment setup, you can choose to export to computer files or to DVDs.

  • If you listen to music on your computer, you will want to convert to 5.1 capable computer files - go to the Exporting to computer files tutorial section below.
  • If you listen to your music on your home entertainment sytem, you likely will want to author music DVDs - go to the Exporting to DVDs tutorial section below.



Step 2 (a) : Click the Export button. Select the format you want to export to (e.g. aac/mp4) as shown below. Click Write to start processing. The processed files will be in the Export directory set in Settings, under the folder ExportDir_group1.

Exporting to computer files : if you favorites player is iTunes, export to aac/mp4 files which is the native format. For the Windows Media Player, the best format is wma. The suitable Cirlinca's application is HD-Audio Remaster (click to download).

Exporting to DVDs : for an home entertainment sytem without a 5.1 capable media player, the best solution is DVD as most systems include a DVD player. Repeat step 1 (a) above. Click the Export button. Select the DVD writer to write to and the speed as shown below. You have a choice of authoring to a DVD-Video disc, or a Blu-ray disc in the DVD Settings tab. Click the Write button to start burning. The suitable Cirlinca's application is HD-Audio Solo Ultra (click to download).

Useful tips


After converting a file to 5.1 aac/mp4, you can import it back into the iTunes player to play it.

It will also play in the Quicktime player that is installed with iTunes.


After converting a file to 5.1 wma, you can import it back into the WMP player to play it.


It is also possible to avoid converting to a 5.1 file and use the build-in 5.1 player of Cirlinca's applications to listen to the 5.1 version which is directly converted from the stereo track. Simply select a stereo track, attach the V.I VST to it and click Play.


For an music + still video slideshow, consider the MKV file format, playable with the free VLC application.


If you export to DVD, you can include 20 pictures per track for a music slideshow.


You can enhance tracks by applying VST plug-in filters. E.g. to brighten the highs or deepen the bass. There is a broad choice of free or commercial VSTs at : Audiomastermind

KVR Audio



Step 1 (a) : Select the stereo track(s) you want to convert to 5.1. Drag & drop them in the center panel. Make sure that all the tracks you want to process are selected in the center panel. Attach to them the V.I VST plug-in that will convert to 5.1.

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